Wednesday, June 29, 2005

4th of July Weekend

Heading to Clinton, Iowa (that well-known vacation mecca) for the holiday. Will be visiting relatives and enjoying Clinton's Riverboat Days.

Happy Independence Day y'all!

God Bless America!


JD said...

Have a great trip! See ya on the net when you get back!

k2 said...

you know i used to believe in coincidences, but i have learned in the past couple of years that God is better than that. i say that inorder to relate to my previous comment, while on my way in to work this morning, i was listening to a tape of some sermons from way back in the olden days. ya' know 1993 olden days type.

have you heard of a preacher named harold shank? well, he is/was the preacher at highland street c.o.C. in memphis, tn. i used to attend highland when i was at millington for training with the navy.

well, harold mentioned in his sermon about faith, that soren, when was just a kid, was learning to swim and he yelled to his father to look and see him swimming. soren was using his arms and kicking with one leg, while the other leg was still on the ground. that is the most recent usage of your nickname's namesake that i remember. however, i have heard soren used in the past, as well. now i can say that i know a blogger with that same name and he is a preacher, too.

i don't remember what all the rest of the story was about with soren swimming, but i think it was to say that his faith was not strong enough to trust that if he was not able to stay above the water that his trust in his father was not strong enough to believe that his father would come in after him. i think soren did not venture out and try to swim properly. he wanted to maintain control of his buoyancy.

k2 said...


i have deleted my previous post because i realized that i was working on some wrong info. i thought you shared the same name as your nickname's namesake.

in the wee hours of this morning i looked at your blog, and was not wearing my glasses, and i was barely awake. i thought you guys shared the same last name. i was asking how you pronounced your last name since it did not make sense in my little walnut sized brain of how they "keer-kuh-guard" from your last name. i'm an idiot.

also, i wanted to say that i like your blog. i am a new blogger as well. i hope wish you great luck with you blog.

Natan said...

My father used to get ready for the 4th of July by covering our garden patio with flags. It is always a great celebration with him almost burning down the house each year with a roaring fire. The memories still make me smile.
--usa flag