Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Audio A Meets Switchfoot

I went to the local Christian bookstore to pick up the new Casting Crowns and Audio Adrenaline CD's that were released today. I popped Audio A into my CD player and thought, "Man they have really changed their sound. This sounds a lot like Switchfoot." Barely into the third song, I said, "This is not Audio A." I popped out the CD and realized that the record company had put the wrong CD in the case. It was the new Switchfoot CD (not supposed to be released for a couple of weeks). So I was bummed out not to be able to rock out to Audio A. But on the other hand, I'm one of the first people to hear the new Switchfoot album.

Katrina and the Waves

Man, I just can't believe the devastation of the hurricane. Some of my preacher friends are Gulf Coast guys. One has lost his house and a couple of others fear that there will be nothing left when they return home.

I can't imagine what those people must be feeling.

Looters! The scum of the earth. I think they should be shot on sight.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

This is So Cool!

I stumbled upon something called Google Earth. Using satellite images from all over the world, you can "zoom in" and explore. It's like the old Microsoft terraserver, but much better. I guess Google combined with something that used to be called Keyhole (I had never heard of it). Anyway, you simply type in where you want to go, and the software will take you there. The resolution and clarity is much better in some places than in others. For example, most of Michigan is pretty fuzzy, but if you go Seattle you can actually see the Seahawks playing somebody (a goal line stand).

I found some of the places where I used to live, the churches where I've preached, famous ballparks and monuments. It's very user friendly. It has a function where you can have it list street names, churches, schools, etc., so it makes it easy to find things. You can make it seem like you are flying.

Have fun!

P.S. I was doing some reading about this program and someone made an interesting comment: "If this software is available for free and it is easy for everyone and his dog to download and begin to use in a matter of minutes, it's scary to think about what kind of top-secret, high-tech stuff is being used by the military and governments around the world." Yikes! Big brother is watching!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Signs of the End Times

MSN had a link to a new Paul Anka album on which he does some covers of rock & roll hits. His version of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Jump are enough to make you want to puke. You'll have to listen to three hours of AC/DC just to recover. The link said "Hot Tracks." Are they kidding? Ugh!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Back to School

The kids went back to school today. Where did the summer go?

Do you remember the feeling of the first day of school? Seeing your friends that you hadn't seen for three months. The excitement of the new classroom and a new teacher. Wondering which kids would be in your class. And not a care in the world except wondering if you would have any homework.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Nuggets from the Summit

Bill Hybels
"We are at the helm of the most important ship on any ocean."
"Paint a picture of the future that ignites passion."

John Maxwell
"There's a difference between delegation and total abdication."
"People will not go along with you if they cannot get along with you."
"As followers of Christ, we're not always sure where we're going, we just know we're following Jesus."

Ken Blanchard
"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."

Colleen Barrett
"We're not competing against other churches. We're competing against the alternative uses of people's time."

Rick Warren
"What you think you own is really just on loan."
"Every time I give, it breaks the grip of materialism on my life."
"The world is full of little Saddams."

Monday, August 15, 2005

Leadership Summit

Last week I attended the local simulcast of Willow Creek's Leadership Summit. It was outstanding. Most of my staff and one of the elders attended, and we really enjoyed being able to debrief and brainstorm between the sessions.

Rick Warren had a great message about "Leadership as Stewardship." Several of the other speakers were good too. The thing the kept busting my chops was the idea that the leaders needs to make the vision clear. I need to constantly keep the vision before the people. That was very challenging.

Bill Hybels did the closing session entitled "The Things We Must Do." Four crucial principles of church leadership:
1. Keep the Vision Clear
2. Get the People Engaged
3. Make Your Gatherings Memorable
4. Pace Yourself for the Long Haul

Lots of good stuff to chew on and ruminate over.