Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Nuggets from the Summit

Bill Hybels
"We are at the helm of the most important ship on any ocean."
"Paint a picture of the future that ignites passion."

John Maxwell
"There's a difference between delegation and total abdication."
"People will not go along with you if they cannot get along with you."
"As followers of Christ, we're not always sure where we're going, we just know we're following Jesus."

Ken Blanchard
"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."

Colleen Barrett
"We're not competing against other churches. We're competing against the alternative uses of people's time."

Rick Warren
"What you think you own is really just on loan."
"Every time I give, it breaks the grip of materialism on my life."
"The world is full of little Saddams."

1 comment:

steve said...

God Bless!

If you get a chance could you please say a prayer for a little girl named "Rebekah" who has cancer. God knows who you will be praying about! Thank you so much!

Trying to rally some good Christian Prayer for her and her family!