Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

Nice speech, I guess. I respect President Bush, but every time he speaks of Islam as a "noble faith," it really honks me off. I realize that political correctness will not allow him to call it a "damnable, hellish, misguided faith that will lead to eternity in hell," but as a "Christian" why does he have to kiss up to them?

And did anyone catch the "Democratic Response"? What's up with Governor Kaine's eyebrows?

Hill Street Blues

I just read that the first season of Hill Street Blues is being released on DVD today. Has it really been 25 years since that show first aired? My friend Mark Christian and I used to watch it while working security when we were in college. Good times.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Emerging Church

I've been reading Dan Kimball's book, The Emerging Church. Even though I was born one year too late to qualify as a "Baby Boomer", my education and upbringing and worldview is decidedly "modern." I'm one of those logical, linear thinkers who believes in absolute truth. So I'm having a hard time getting a handle on the postmodern way of thinking. Yes, I've read McLaren and Len Sweet, but for some reason Kimball's book has been my "wake up call." This world is changing. What a challenge for the church and especially for those of us who proclaim the timeless Gospel of Christ.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Weekend

We had our annual Men's Retreat at Lake James Christian Assembly. It was very good. The speaker was Don Green, from Lincoln Christian College and Seminary. Don did an excellent job teaching about Shaping the Heart. It was a reminder that I have a long way to go in the areas of spiritual disciplines and becoming like Jesus. He used a lot of Willard/Foster/Nouwen/Ortberg type of stuff. Very challenging. He also preached this morning at the Creek.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Does Fast Food Make You Fat?

Refining Your Style

I just finished reading Dave Stone’s Refining Your Style. It is a wonderful little book for preachers and anyone who communicates regularly. He examines a number of different communication styles, such as: The Creative Storyteller, The Engaging Humorist, The Practical Applicator, The Unorthodox Artist, The Inspiring Orator, The Scholarly Analytic, etc.

He features 13 styles, accompanied by an interview with a person who epitomizes each particular style. The book comes with a CD featuring audio clips of many of the speakers.

Those of you who know me will not be surprised to hear that my style is what he calls The Direct Spokesperson. Stone writes, You Might be a Direct Spokesperson if…
It’s music to your ears when someone says you “tell it like it is.”
The term politically correct isn’t in your vocabulary.
Opposition inspires you rather than threatens you.
You seldom beat around the bush.
On a regular basis your friends sarcastically say to you, “Tell us how you really feel!”

I think he's right.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Is 24 the best show ever or what? We've been cathcing up on the seasons through Netflix.
Just about to wrap-up Season Three. But we made the mistake of watching the first few episodes of the new season (Five).

Lunch with A Legend

My friend Ron Otto invited several preachers to a luncheon with Wayne B. Smith today. Wayne ministered for 40 years with the Southland Christian Church in Lexington, KY. He has a heart for ministers. It was a real treat to hang with him for awhile, listening to war stories, and being encouraged by an old soldier of the cross. Wayne is one of a kind.

Superbowl XL

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks! Who woulda thunk it?
Hard to pick a winner. Both teams are playing great. But I think I'll go with the Steelers.
Did anyone catch the John Madden spoof during halftime of the NFC Championship? It was hilarious!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Barbarian Way

I spoke to the Men's Group at my church this morning. Shared several thoughts from Erwin McManus' The Barbarian Way. Basically this was "part two" of the talk I gave last month, which could have been called, "You don't have to be a girlie man to be a godly man."

I posted on this subject several months ago (click here to read).

I also shared several lines from the Internet Monk's post on "prissy Christianity."

It seemed to resonate with the guys.

Martina's Review

The concert was excellent. During the first part, she did several of the songs off of her new album (which are timeless country classics). I wasn't quite so excited about that, mainly because I wasn't familiar with too many of them. But during the second part, she did all of her hits. Closed with my two favorites:
Fave #1: Broken Wing
Fave # 2: Independence Day
(I like these primarily because they showcase her fabulous voice.)

Encored with an acapella version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Internet Monk

I just discoved this guy. Don't know much about him, but I have read a few of his posts that have really challenged my thinking. Especially this one.

Going to Hear Martina

Taking Mrs. Soren to the Martina McBride concert tomorrow night (a late Christmas present).
That gal has some golden pipes on her. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You Tell 'Em John!

With apologies to all my Virginia Tech friends, I thought John Feinstein's article about Marcus Vick (and other spoiled-brat athletes) was right on target.

That'll Preach!

Mark Beeson over at Granger Community Church recently did a message called The Five Most Irritating Things About Christians (don't ask me why there are seven listed). I think ol' Mark has been around a few irritating brethren in his time.

  • Christians who think everyone else should be just like them.
  • Christians who are lousy tippers.
  • Christians who don't move their faith one measly foot.
  • Christians who major on the minors.
  • Christians who think everything can be explained with a trite phrase or a simple slogan.
  • Christians who use "God told me" as a silver bullet.
  • Christians who explain God by saying of God what God never said of Himself.

You Say You Want a Revolution

I haven't read Barna's new book yet, but some of my friends have given it less-than-stellar reviews. Keith Drury and his colleagues leave no doubt about what they think of Barna's "heresy." Interesting.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Netflix? Huh?

You know how sometimes it's funny listening to one side of a telephone conversation? Listening to my nearly 70 year old father-in-law trying to explain Netflix to his 86 year old mother-in-law was a hoot.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Learning from Some Seasoned Vets

Last week I went to the Blueprint Tour with my staff and a couple of elders. Rick Atchley and Dick Alexander were the featured speakers.

Some memorable lines:

"If the ground opened up and swallowed your church, would the community even realize that you were gone?"

"The primacy of mercy is the interpretive key to understanding God and Scripture."

"Our world will be changed more by 'go' than by 'come'."

"The church is like Noah's Ark. If it weren't for the storm on the outside, you couldn't stand the stench on the inside." (Tony Evans)

"Almost every day God reminds us that He is alive and well, but almost every day Satan reminds us that he has not retired."

"Short-term missions is one of the best ways to combat short-sighted legalism."

"The Pharisees majored in Bible, but failed the exam."

Atchley is a "preacher's preacher." He combines stellar exegesis with relevant application. He's the kind of preacher I want to be when I grow up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Signs Your Church Has Sold Out to Corporate Sponsors

15 Signs Your Church Has Sold Out To Corporate Sponsors
Props to Ian's Messy Desk for this one!
1. Nike "swoosh" on the cross
2. Communion now sponsored by Welch's Grape Juice
3. In Christmas play, Joseph seen with a pack of Marlboros
4. Statue of Mary seen holding keys to a Jeep
5. The 12 disciples replaced by Disney characters
6. Greeters all dressed like Mr. Goodwrench
7. Scripture verses brought to you by Microsoft
8. The baptistery is filled with Perrier
9. Offering envelopes say, "Weekly expenses, $6,200, projection unit for Sunday School, $1,400, Basketball hoop for the gym, $250, regular tithing, priceless.
10. Handicap parking sponsored by the Family Medical Group, LLC
11. Bulletin has coupon section
12. Wednesday night suppers sponsored by KFC
13. Church bell chimes to the tune of the NBC chimes
14. Choir robes with the Lands' End logo on the front
15. Church flag football team sponsored by the NFL

Improving Church Attendance in 2006

Okay, I've heard your whining and complaining about not having your Sorensblog fix. So I'll give you something I got from someone else.

by Dave Tippett
10. Watch Aslan the Lion take down a gazelle, live on the platform
9. More "open mic" opportunities during worship service
8. One of those fake shark fins in baptismal
7. Floating sermon points dance in front of your eyes via cool 3-D PowerPoint slides
6. Spiritual tech support guys will tell you not to just "re-boot your soul" every time you call
5. Sermon series: "Thomas Kincaid; the soft lighting Disciple"
4. Wi-Fi access for wireless hearing aides
3. Tazer the Sleeping Sound Booth Guy Day
2. Will start accepting coupons from non-tithing churches
1. Ability to TiVo the sermon
Copyright 2005 Dave Tippett (djtippHA@yahoo.com). Permission is granted to send this to others, with attribution, but not for commercial purposes.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Yep, I'm Still Here

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I've been kinda busy (including a quick trip to Iowa).

Will blog again soon.