Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union

Nice speech, I guess. I respect President Bush, but every time he speaks of Islam as a "noble faith," it really honks me off. I realize that political correctness will not allow him to call it a "damnable, hellish, misguided faith that will lead to eternity in hell," but as a "Christian" why does he have to kiss up to them?

And did anyone catch the "Democratic Response"? What's up with Governor Kaine's eyebrows?


Matthew said...

Good Speech. I agree about Islam...if Islam is a religion of peace then I must have missed something huge.

Why watch the democratic response...same song different verse

loudpunkguitar said...

yeah, i watched Kaine, my wonderful new governor, and yes his eyebrows scared me a little bit. his speech was God awful in comparisons to Bush' and Bush's was good, just not strong and bold enough for me.