Thursday, January 26, 2006

Refining Your Style

I just finished reading Dave Stone’s Refining Your Style. It is a wonderful little book for preachers and anyone who communicates regularly. He examines a number of different communication styles, such as: The Creative Storyteller, The Engaging Humorist, The Practical Applicator, The Unorthodox Artist, The Inspiring Orator, The Scholarly Analytic, etc.

He features 13 styles, accompanied by an interview with a person who epitomizes each particular style. The book comes with a CD featuring audio clips of many of the speakers.

Those of you who know me will not be surprised to hear that my style is what he calls The Direct Spokesperson. Stone writes, You Might be a Direct Spokesperson if…
It’s music to your ears when someone says you “tell it like it is.”
The term politically correct isn’t in your vocabulary.
Opposition inspires you rather than threatens you.
You seldom beat around the bush.
On a regular basis your friends sarcastically say to you, “Tell us how you really feel!”

I think he's right.


Anonymous said...


Did Dave Stone include the "Fence-Straddler" of the "Capitulater"?


Soren said...


Unfortunately he did not. Nor did he include "spineless, pussilanimous pussy-footers who wouldn't recognize the gospel if it were coming down the road with a hat on." But if he had wanted to go that route, I could have given him some good suggestions for the CD :-)


Tommy said...

I don't know you so I can't speak as to your personality, but I do know you're fast in trivia.

Orange Grover said...

Thanks for talking about the book "The Barbarian Way" I ordered it today!!!

Matthew said...

I have heard nothing but good about this book and I am planning on getting it soon.

Try the Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching. It is big but worth it.