Thursday, September 08, 2005

Indiana Living

It seems that every little town in these parts has a fair, festival, or fun weekend of some sort.

The big deal in our town is the Grabill Country Fair, held the weekend after Labor Day. Now, when I say "big deal", you have to remember that we get excited when they install a new pop machine in front of the video store. Everything is relative. Just today there was a big traffic jam at the four-way stop (yes, the four-way stop). There must have been three cars and an Amish buggy backed up. I must have waited a full 45 seconds to get through. Yep, Mayberry is alive and well in 2005.

Anyway, back to the Fair...there is some serious eating to be done at this place. My favorite is the pork tenderloin sandwich. The meat is about four times as large as the bun. The trick is to do a tri-fold number on the tenderloin, then add pickles & mustard. Several of the local churches and civic groups have food booths. Our youth group sponsors the "Spud Hut" (baked potatoes & fixin's). I'm not much of a "stand alone" baked potato fan. But gimme a steak and a salad with that Spud and I'm all over it. Thanks to Dr. Atkins and the numerous other food choices, the Spud Hut hasn't done too well over the past couple of years, but it's still a good opportunity to get the church name out in the community. Plus, we get to meet a lot of people.

Another group does hot apple dumplings. Man, are they good. Of course, you have to get it a la mode. Yummy!

Diet starts next week, right?

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Wail said...

Our Festival, which is next weekend is called "Pontotoc Days" because our town was named Pontotoc before the Railroad made yus change it. Actually, we lost it on a coin flip. Either us or Pontotoc, MS was going to have to change (the RR found it confusing to have two Pontotocs on its route). We lost the coin flip and had to change our name.