Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I have many pet peeves (I can go all "Andy Rooney" when the mood strikes). But I recently discovered a new pet peeve. It's when people played the WWJD card. You remember the "What Would Jesus Do?" craze from a few years ago. I suppose this is a good question to ask sometimes. But should we always use Jesus as the model for what to do or not to do? One time I heard a preacher railing against the evils of smoking. He final argument? "Bless your heart, Jesus didn't smoke!" While I generally think that smoking is a bad idea, when one starts citing Jesus' participation (or non-participation) in a given activity, it's usually a sign that he has run out of good arguments. Now my friend David Willis and I will quote the "bless your heart, Jesus didn't smoke" line whenever we hear someone heading down this illogical path. Bless your heart, Jesus didn't eat ice cream, watch television, or use indoor plumbing. Does that mean I shouldn't?


David H. Willis said...

Bless your heart, Jesus didn't blog!

Orange Grover said...

Stick with the outdoor plumbing!

loudpunkguitar said...

David Willis is the man!