Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Good Morning Officer!"

Had breakfast with Tracy this morning at the Grabill Country Fair, the little town festival that we look forward to each year. I dropped my truck off in Grabill for an oil change (yes, I'm man enough to change my own oil, but why should I?). So after breakfast, she was giving me a ride to the church building. We got pulled over in Leo. When she saw the lights, she said, "That can't be for us. I'm not speeding." As soon as I saw the motorcycle cop, I thought, "Oh crap! I don't have my seat belt on." Sure enough, that's why we got pulled. Funny thing is, I ALWAYS wear my seat belt. I don't know why I forgot (maybe because I was in the passenger seat?). I told him, "Sir, I always wear my seat belt" (like he hasn't heard THAT before). He had no sense of humor. I got a $25 fine. Doh! You gotta love Indiana. You can drive a motorcycle 70mph on the highway WITHOUT a helmet, but you can't go 25mph in a Ford Taurus (equipped with air bags) without a seatbelt.


Chris Mc. said...

Perhaps Indiana is really big on survival of the fittest. Anyone dumb enough to ride a cycle at 70 w/o a helmet deserves a darwin award.

Al Sturgeon said...

I'm from Arkansas originally, and a friend told me that in Arkansas you don't have to wear a helmet, but you are required to have eye protection.

David H. Willis said...

That's a classic: "Sir, I always wear my seat belt"

You should have gone with: "Sir, I have diarrhea." It's about the best one going and he's probably never heard it used by a passenger without a seat belt. "Officer, the seat belt was putting too much pressure on my stomach."

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Not even a warning, eh?

Bobby Valentine