Sunday, August 05, 2007

Funny Church Stories

My friend Tony Liston posted this story on his blog. I thought it was funny, mainly because anyone in ministry has probably done something like this:

I was reminded today of another learning moment in our kids ministry...

It was just before Christmas, and our kids ministry had decided to make Christmas cards for a local nursing home. They also thought it would nice to go Christmas Caroling to deliver their cards to the residents at the nursing home.

One of our young girls, dressed as a Christmas angel, went into a room to deliver a card to the resident - who was dozing at the time. The presence of our young girl apparently stirred the elderly, bed-ridden resident. Noticing the motion of the resident waking, our young "angel" turned and stood wearing a big smile at the foot of the bed. The aged resident opened her eyes to the sight of a young cherub standing at her bedside.

Note to self: When visiting a nursing home, children dressed as angels should always be accompanied by a plainly dressed adult and under no circumstances should they ever enter a sleeping residents room.

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