Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday at The Creek

We had a wonderful Sunday at Cedar Creek today. I was on vacation last Sunday, so it had been two weeks since I preached. It was good to be back home. The spirit of worship was tremendous and I heard several positive comments about the message, which was longer and a little meatier than usual. I preached about how we should live in this worldly culture and how we should make decisions about questionable issues. Afterwards we had lunch at Steak & Shake. Yummy!


Kathy said...

I always get filled at Cedar Creek, but this Sunday was for sure meater than even usual. My bulletin was completely full of the margins and between lines. Thanks for giving me something to think on ALL week!

Anonymous said...

everyone knows that a Sunday at the Creek wouldnt be complete without a trip to Steak n Shake.

"YUMMY"??? thats the only word that came to mind?

Just wondering if you got a Sundae at Steak n Shake?

David H. Willis said...

Meatier? Steak? I feel a new sermon series coming: "Where's the Beef?" I like it. Even a little retro feel to it for the eighties bunch.