Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Restoration History

I have been teaching about the history of the Restoration Movement during the winter session of The Well (the mid-week program at our church). It is one of the elective classes we offer for adults. Ever since my Bible College days, I have been a Restoration History buff. The principles and plea of our spiritual forefathers resonates with my spirit. The idea of taking the Bible only and being a Christian only, eschewing denominational divisions makes sense to me.

It has been fun introducing these concepts to some of the new believers in our congregation. Some of my brethren have suggested that it is time to bury the Restoration Plea. They are simply wrong.


William Mckinley Dyer said...

If they bury it then my new profession with be a tomb raider!!! No Creed but Christ and No Book but the Bible!!!

Tom Stolarick said...

Amen Mike! How the the current generation desperately needs to hear of their heritage and Plea! What resources are you using when teaching this class on Restoration History?

Soren said...


I have used material from Marshall Leggetts's "Introduction to the Restoration Ideal", and Murch's "Christians Only" plus a lot of my own stuff that I have collected over the years.