Tuesday, December 07, 2010

War on Christmas Idiocy

This morning I received the following “action alert” from a “Christian” organization. Stuff like this really aggravates me. Not the issue that they are describing, but their actions. Read the excerpt, then I will comment:

One minute action - Contact these three companies that ban 'Christmas'
Send an email to Radio Shack, Office Depot and Staples - All at once!

Dear Friend,

In an attempt to avoid the use of the term "Christmas," three major retailers have omitted it from their advertising. AFA has reviewed the website and newspaper ads of Radio Shack, Office Depot and Staples. We found terms like "holiday deals," "holiday prices," "gifts" and "happy holidays," but no "Christmas."

Here is a direct quote from Staples: "We use the term Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. We do this because it does not offend any other religions and to remain politically correct."

Retailers like Radio Shack, Office Depot and Staples want your shopping money, but they refuse to recognize the Reason for the Christmas season.

Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Christ. Yet there are those companies which feel that a public recognition of the birthday of Christ is not appropriate. Why? Because a few people may be offended!

Let Radio Shack, Office Depot and Staples know you are offended by their decision to purposely eliminate "Christmas" from their advertising.
Mike's Comments: When will Christians stop expecting non-believers to act like believers? Of course these retailers want your shopping money – that’s why they are in business! And the term “holidays” is used rather than Christmas for a number of reasons, including the fact that “holidays” covers multiple holidays from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, and Christmas is only one day (and the stores are CLOSED on that day). How anyone can think that this kind of behavior is God-honoring is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that no source is given for the alleged quote from Staples regarding their policy.

According to AFA, 'Staples' is supposed to have said, We do this because it does not offend any other religions and to remain politically correct.

It's possible that's an actual quote, but I find it somewhat unlikely. "Politically correct" is more commonly used by people criticizing a policy than by people defending it.

If this were an actual quote from someone at Staples, one would expect AFA to include some mention of who at Staples said this.

Was it in a press release? Was it in an official letter sent in response to a letter from AFA? If it were anything like that, it would have been easy (and natural) for AFA to have included that information. So I doubt the 'quote' comes from anything like that.

Soren said...

Excellent point! This type of generic "quote" is typical of these kinds of "action alerts." But few people bother to think it through like you have, they simply believe it without questioning its veracity.