Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Redefining Marriage

I had no idea that so many of my Facebook friends were staunch proponents/opponents of gay marriage. I had a thought, and I don't think I've seen anywhere (which means that I'm probably off base). I think it's misguided to quote Scripture, etc. to those who are not in covenant with the Lord and don't respect the authority of the Bible. But it seems to me that we are giving a completely different definition to marriage. That NCAA tourney going on right now -- the game is called basketball. There are specific rules, equipment, allotted time, etc. that make basketball what it is. If we could get enough Americans and the SCOTUS to vote to call it football (and football is something entirely different in itself), would it really be football? Or is it still basketball, but we are now calling it football, even though it really isn't?

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