Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stay on Target! Stay on Target!

Tonight I watched a DVD of John Ortberg teaching. One of the many good points he made was about drifting from our God-given mission. Picture a bullseye (concentric circles): in the center are the core people in the church, the next ring consists of the fringe people, after that are the seekers, then the lost/unchurched (this is similar to Rick Warren's illustration in the Purpose Driven Church). Who are the people most likely to complain? Those in the center -- the core. "I'm not being fed." or "The music is too loud." or "You're not doing enough for my kids." ad nauseum

Killer quote: The church over time drifts from mission to complaint management. The default mode becomes "placate the critic."

Ouch! You said a mouthful John-Boy!

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