Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Amazing Agassi

Watching the US Open last night was exciting. It looked like Andre Agassi was going to get spanked in his last appearance of the Open (he has announced that he will be retiring after this tourney). There was a great tiebreak at the end of the second set (which he won). But he seemed to have run out of gas. At that point, it was going on midnight, and I said to Mrs. Soren, "He gonna lose. I'm going to bed." She said, "Never count Andre out." Turns out that he came back and won. Wow.


preacherman said...

I always haved loved watching Agassi play. He plays with passion and heart.

Holy Honky said...

Image is everything

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Desire is amazing motivation.

Bobby Valentine

Frank Weller said...

I stayedd up and saw the end. I'm not a tennis guy, but turned to USA because the DISH said Law and Order was on. I watched one set and was hooked. The 21-year-old kid kept cramping and had to receive medical treatment, while Sr. Citizen Agassi rolled on.