Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do You Smell Something Burning?

I have temporary relinquished my "bonehead-of-the-week" title to my sister. My brother-in-law called me on Sunday afternoon to tell me that my sister caught someone's hair on fire at church that morning. Apparently they all had candles for some kind of "hanging of the greens" ceremony. They were all standing and when they were told to be seated, the lady in front of her sat down quickly and her ponytail went right into my sister's candle. Oh to have that on videotape! So my sister starts smacking the ignited hair, and the lady turns around and says, "Is my hair on fire?" To which my sister responds, "Not anymore!"


David H. Willis said...

Didn't that happen to Richard Pryor too? Or was that Michael Jackson?

JD said...

that's hilarious...for us!