Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stupid Church Signs

Faithful readers of this blog know that stupid church signs are a pet peeve of mine.
Lately I've been driving past a local church that has this gem on its sign:
Salvation guaranteed or your sins back.
For real. Do they really expect to appeal to the community with that lame message?
If you hate stupid church signs, you'll enjoy this website.


David H. Willis said...

That website is hilarious. Thanks. Just yesterday I saw this classic...

What's missing?

Mark Sullivan said...

We have one down the road from the fire station that says "The bread of life never goes stale". I lauged...

Matthew said...

There is a sign in North Vernon, IN that has the classic David refered to in front of someones home.

The church down the road from us has "Evangelistic Crusade Daily"