Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl

The Colts and Da Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Folks around these parts are pretty happy about it. Lots of Colts and/or Bears fans in this area. Even Coach Dungy said, "Hey we ought to play this game in Fort Wayne." The Colts/Pats game was exciting. When the Pats were up 21-3, I thought, "Oh no, here we go again." But they fought back and won it in the end. I hope the Super Bowl is a good game.

Hey, does anyone besides me get a little uncomfortable when the announcers start talking about how the coaches are African American? Stupid questions like, "Hey, how does it feel to be the first African American coach in the Super Bowl?" Mrs. Soren said to me last night, "Are we ever going to get past that kind of stuff." It's like they are saying, "Um, coach, I noticed that you're black." I thought we weren't supposed to see color. Coach Dungy had enough class to basically ignore the question.

It was funny when Shannon Sharpe said, "These are the first black coaches, I mean, African American coaches to reach this level." Even the black guys don't know what they are supposed to call the black guys. Ya gotta love political correctness.

And did you notice that Jim Plunkett, when presenting the trophy to the Colts' owner, almost said "Baltimore Colts"? His lips were forming a "B", then he caught himself. That would have been quite the faux pas.


Holy Honky said...

i heard a girl once say, "white people get every other month in the year, we should get at least one." makes me what to put my head through a wall.

k2 said...

i hear ya' mike. when i was in the navy they told us that we were all navy blue. the skin tones are getting so mixed that we should all just call ourselves americans and get over it. what was the civil rights movement all about, so that people can rely on their skin tone? i thought it was for equality.

Chris said...

fo shizzle