Monday, May 21, 2007

Class of 2007

On Saturday I had the honor of being the Commencement Speaker at my alma mater, 20 years after my own graduation. Back then I never could have imagined it. In fact, my good friend Mark Christian (now the Academic Dean), whom I have known since the fourth grade, said to me right before the ceremony, "How scary is it that you and I are doing this?" Just another reminder of two truths:

1. There is a God.

2. He is full of grace.

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Keith Wood said...

It is kind of wild to think about how God can end up using us, but it really shouldn't come as that big of a surprise. Isn't that what he told us in Eph. 3:20, "...Him who is able to immeasurably more...according to HIS power at work within us."

I know you did a great job. I am sure it was a blessing to all. Look forward to seeing you at Hillsboro (you are going aren't you?).