Thursday, May 17, 2007


Last year I met a guy at the North American Christian Convention. His name is Jim Tune. Jim and I had already met in cyberspace via an online discussion group called Christian Church Today. Brother Tune serves as Executive Director of Impact Canada, an organization devoted to planting New Testament churches in Canada. Despite the fact that my knowledge of all things Canadian is pretty much limited to the old Bob & Doug McKenzie show and Red Green, Jim and I developed a friendship, and he invited me to write a column for a new quarterly magazine called reIGNITED. He wants me to emphasize Restoration Movement principles, Light from the Old Paths. Beauty, eh?

The inaugural issue was just published. You can get a sneak peek here or click here to subscribe.


David H. Willis said...

Maybe you could borrow some material from the outstanding (yet defunct) publication "The Nitpicker." Maybe Jim could make room in his publication for a "seek and find" the false prophet section.

Jim said...

I don't know, David. Mike's already lobbying for the Kent B. True role at REIGNITED. That said, naming names and taking no prisoners does have its appeal. You could be the right guy!