Friday, July 13, 2007

Same Ol' Feminist Drivel

Recently the Christian Standard ran an interview with Eleanor Daniel. Ms. Daniel has been called the "Dean of Christian Education" in the Christian Churches. She also has been a long-time proponent of the Christian feminist agenda (or, to put it more kindly, the egalitarian view of church leadership). Every time I read the arguments, I agree with Dr. Cottrell who says that it is theology ex nihilo (out of nothing). Granted, the short interview was not an exhaustive study of the subject, but a few short quotes will have to suffice for now.

When asked, "How do you structure an argument for women in leadership from Scripture?", Dr. Daniel replied, "If you take all of the passages in Scripture, you see variety. The book of 1 Timothy would sound very opposed to women in leadership, and you have First Corinthians about women being silent in the church. Then you have Romans with all of the women in leadership there. There had to be some key women in leadership. I read Galatians, and it seems the differences between men and women are obliterated. I don’t think Paul was schizophrenic! One way or other there seems to be some key that was hidden to us and we haven’t been able to unlock that lock."

She can't be serious! We haven't been able to unlock that lock? No, the lock has been unlocked for centuries, she just doesn't like what's behind the door.

George Faull wrote a terrific Letter to the Editor about this interview (you have to scroll down a bit).

Where will it all end?


David H. Willis said...

Wow. George really hammered it home. Thanks for posting this Mike.

Dave VBK said...

Wow! You know, I agree with her about utilizing women's talents, but that doesn't mean placing them as women elders or in leadership!

I've always loved that I can ask Jennifer her opinion about certain matters IN PRIVATE and let her be able to speak through me. A lot of the time, we agree on those matters, but if she is misinformed, then I can correct that. That way she's not spouting off misinformation and causing the church to pay for it.

David H. Willis said...

The more I think about this the more it ticks me off. Unfortunately her view is mainstream these days. The last stronghold to fall to infuence of egalatarianism will be the eldership and I think we will see that in our lifetime. I wonder if Eleanor has a copy of Cottrell's "Feminism & the Bible?" Maybe I'll send her my autographed copy! Or maybe I should send her George's sermon, "Mutiny On Old Ship Zion" too! It probably wouldn't help since her reasoning and hermeneutical skills are so lacking.

Frank Weller said...

I read Brother Faull's comments.

What a namby-pamby, pussy-footed, mealy-mouthed response. When is George going to set aside tact and begin to write what he really thinks. There was a time when George would say it like it was. There was a time when brother Faull went after false doctrine with the tenacity of a golden retriever on a tennis ball . . . no make that a rotweiller on a ham bone. Those were the days.

Anyway, at least we can count on Soren to tell us what he's thinking.

Frank Weller said...

David - what stream are you talking about. I know few other people who are in the same stream as Eleanor. Main stream? I think a subordinate tributary is more like it.

Frank Weller said...

Hey fellas - I laid out my position on my blog ( I would love to read your thoughts on it.

I didn't it a steaming bowl of stupid for breakfast, but I had me a moron sandwich for lunch the other day ...

Soren said...

Frank(I posted this commennt on your blog too),

I think I understand your position. I do agree with you about the inconsistency of splitting hairs over whether she uses a pulpit, lectern, video projector and/or which side of the Atlantic she preaches on. I believe that if it’s forbidden by Scripture, then geography is irrelevant.

I have heard the “it’s okay if the elders allow it” argument before. My understanding is that this is not something for which the elders can “grant permission.” God has already spoken through the Holy Spirit via the Apostle Paul: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man (1 Timothy 2:12). There are two prohibitions, not just one. So even if the authority issue is skirted (pun intended), you still have to deal with the “I do not allow woman to teach” portion of the text.

Keith Wood said...

"Where will it all end?"

It won't until Jesus returns!

Looking forward to being at the Creek in August! Just wish you were there too!

Jim said...

George got it right! Maybe Brad Dupray should interview him. They'll be running an interview Brad did with me soon (October I think). There's not a lot of theology in it though - mostly just the story of church planting in Canada.

Hopefully Bro.Faull will submit an article.