Friday, October 19, 2007

Jesus Freaks

Last night I surprised my daughter (who will turn 16 in two weeks) by taking her to a TobyMac concert.

Thousand Foot Krutch opened the show. They are pretty hard, but they were great. Loud enough to make your ears bleed, I was thinking about the people who complain that our music at church is too loud. They have no idea.

Barlow Girl was incredible. Three young women who can crank out the sound and sing!

TobyMac is sometimes a little too hip-hop for me, but I like most of his stuff. And at the end when he went old school, revising Jesus Freak, I was jumping around like a 15 year old.


Dave said...

Was she embarassed that you were jumping all over the place?

Soren said...

Not too much. She taught me the correct way to head-bang and fist-pump.

Chris said...

white boys getting jiggy!

haha, but for real, to me thousand foot krutch is on the softer side of some of the rock i like.