Monday, October 08, 2007

Will I Ever Learn?

I always get my hopes up, and then this is what the Cubs do to me every time.
One of our local sportswriters put it like this: So now you think this, maybe: Lou Piniella’s just Tom Trebelhorn with a personality.
He’s Dusty Baker, who couldn’t win for losing despite his golden pedigree. He’s Leo Durocher. He’s Jim Frey. He’s Whitey Lockman and Lee Elia and Herman Franks. Doomed to failure, in other words. Doomed to raise all the hopes only so they can make a gorier splatter when they hit the pavement, like a home run smacking Waveland Avenue in the midst of all those kids and dads and 20-somethings who sat on the curbs Saturday night, waiting in vain for one of their boys to punch one out.


Joe Thompson said...

In a way I'm glad they lost game 3. It's nice to just move on and watch some football instead of staying up all hours of the night just to watch a bunch of guys who make more money in a year than I'll see in a lifetime play like they're on my church softball team!

Dave VBK said...

I dunno Joe, I think our church softball team could beat teh Cubbies. Okay... Probably not.