Friday, February 15, 2008

He's Back!

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Rod Bisher said...

Praise God for those John Williams music film scores that just put us on the edge of our seats every time! This trailer is so cool because we don't hear the familiar music until we see the shadow of the character grab the hat...too cool!
The Indiana Jones music score is my favorite because it speaks so much to the underdog , adventurer, and the 'against all odds' hope within us.
I think my favorite line from all the previous Indy films, is in 'The Temple of Doom' scene just before he goes down into the sacrifice altar area. The girl in the movie says,"Don't go down there! You'll be killed."
With a typical bravado response you would perhaps hear from a fighter pilot, Indy says,"Maybe,... but not today!" Just plain CLASSIC and inspiring.
I'll be in line to see this.