Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Godly Shepherds

We had our monthly elders meeting last night. My favorite part each month is the time we spend in prayer. We share in a meal together and one of the brothers leads a devotion. Then we spend about 40 minutes in prayer. I know that lots of meetings begin with a perfunctory "word of prayer", but the tone of our meeting has changed since we began spending significant time pouring out our hearts before the Lord -- seeking his guidance, praying for the flock, asking for wisdom. I wish the church family could know how much they are really loved by their shepherds. Seeing men of God shed tears over the hurts of the flock and passionately seek the face of God, desperately wanting to make the right decisions for the body -- it warms my heart and encourages my soul. Pray for your elders today. Theirs is a noble task.

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