Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rob Bell

I have sort of a love-hate relationship with Rob Bell (not that I have met him in person). At times he strikes me as an effeminate postmodern who likes himself WAY too much. At other times I find his teaching incredibly challenging. Our Sunday School class spent the last two Sundays watching Everything is Spiritual. It is excellent.


David H. Willis said...

Uh Oh!

Adam Gonnerman said...

"effeminate postmodern"? Was that an evaluation of his masculinity in general, or do you typically see those two qualities together.

Not that I'm particularly "postmodern." And I find most of Rob Bell's work to be little more than pop evangelicalism warmed-over.

Soren said...


I probably should have placed a comma between those two words. No, I don't think they go together. Rob is married and a father, but sometimes his mannerisms seem a little girlie (my wife was the first to point this out to me).

Anonymous said...

effeminate postmodern...ouch!

I think Rob has found a way to reach an audience that's been thirsty for something deep without it being dry. How many of us can take a Hebrew concept and make it come alive in a 12 minute video that captivates the attention? Tipping my hat to Rob ... I don't always agree with him ... but in a world of Joel Osteens and John Hagees ... I'll take Rob any day.