Friday, June 06, 2008

Time for Church Camp!

I will be heading to Lake James Christian Assembly after church services on Sunday. I’m serving as a “dorm dad” and the Vespers speaker for the week. There will be several dozen 6th & 7th graders there. One of the reasons why I love Christian Service Camp is that it had a tremendous influence upon me when I was young. Life-changing decisions are made at Church Camp. It was there that I became convinced of my need to accept Jesus as Savior. It was there that I decided to give my life to the preaching of the Gospel. It was there that I met other Christian young people, developing friendships that continue to this day.

Please pray for us this week.

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John A. Scott said...

Have a great week at camp. I love Lake James Christian Assembly. I will be there in two weeks to minister to the campers who are going into 4th and 5th grades. I love to see preachers continue to preach at camp. We will be having Fred Girdwood. He comes in with a white dress shirt and a pocket protector with a pad of paper and his writing utinsels and the kids just love him because he loves the Lord and them. Keep preaching the Word.