Monday, July 28, 2008

Becoming a Ditto-Head

It was the summer of 1991 and I had just moved to Virginia. I had become a fan of talk radio, so I wanted to see what the local stations offered. I remember scanning the dial and coming across a voice I hadn't heard before. The more I listened, I thought, "Who is this guy?" He was funny and informed and conservative. It was my introduction to Rush Limbaugh. The time spent listening to him has waned over the years, but I still tune in occasionally. Does anyone remember his t.v. show? How 'bout the updates? (Animal Rights update -- the sound of machine guns firing while Andy Williams sang "born free"; or his other updates and spoof songs).

Human Events is celebrating 20 years of Rush. Check it out.


David H. Willis said...

I certianly remember those days. My favorite Rush bit was feminazi trading cards. He blazed the way for many talkers today.

Joe said...

His tv show was so unbelievably boring! I really thought that Glenn Beck's show would end up the same way but it seems to be thriving.

Soren said...

His show was great. Problem was that most markets aired it at ridiculous times (2am, or Noon).

His videos were hilarious. I remember the video of Slick Wilie laughing while walking away from Ron Brown's funeral (then he quickly turned on the tears when he realized the cameras were on him).

Kathy said...

We love Rush! Even get the Limbaugh letter!

preacherman said...

I remember Rush saying that all addicts need to leave America. HMMMMM....Interesting post brother.
I appreciate you sharing with us what you think.