Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Heat Is On!

Hunkered down under a bunch of blankets on Saturday night, but woke up to 48 degrees in the house. Brrr! Spent the day with some friends. Came home to check the house, then the juice came back on. Kudos to those guys working round-the-clock to restore power.

Still no power at the church building. Cancelled services (duh!). It's COLD in there. But really COLD outside (zero, with a minus 10 windchill). Worshipped at the Auburn Church of Christ today. Enjoyed hearing my friend John Scott preach.

Now I'm drinking coffee, watching football, blogging, and thanking the Lord for a warm house.


Frank Weller said...

The Franklies are planning to worship at the Creek next Sunday. Two questions: One, which service to the Dempseys usually attend? Two, you gonna bring it?

John A. Scott said...

It was great having you and your family with us yesterday. Frank, Mike always brings it just like you buddy. Our family will be in Florida next weekend. I would invite you both but our van is full with a three year old who will just love to sit in his seat for 17 hours or so. But it will be worth it for 75 degrees of heat. Merry Christmas to you all.

Anonymous said...

cool, i interviewed with the auburn church of christ about 5 years ago, nice group. glad they got someone.

now i know where you are, mike