Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weird Weather

I think we have had a little bit of everything this December. Last weekend we were experiencing sub-zero temps and frigid wind chills. Today I think we reached a high of 68 degrees. But we are also getting a lot of rain, so it's not too enjoyable.

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the year. I'm looking forward to preaching (especially since I didn't get to preach last Sunday because of the power outage).


Anonymous said...

Do you have any plans for series for the new year?

Soren said...

Doing a "30 Days to Live" series in January, then a series in the Gospel of Mark -- leading up through the resurrection. Then a study of Romans chapter 8.

Deano said...

I hear you brother - we're up here in NW Illinois (near Rockford) visiting the in laws and expecting tons of snow. What did we get? Spring like weather and fog! Oh well, such is life.

I even had a guy from back home (KY) call me this morning and ask if wanted to play golf today... it's supposed to be in the 60's there!