Thursday, April 23, 2009

Post Conference Thoughts

I'm home from the Gospel Coalition. Wow, what a conference! I felt like I was drinking from a fire hydrant. I learned so much. It was very enjoyable. And I wasn't the only Arminian in attendance. Some observations:
Worship: I was struck by the depth of the worship songs (many were Puritan hymns, but some were new songs). They were theologically rich and full of biblical imagery. And the people seemed to understand what they were singing. sincerely worshipping the Lord.
Preaching: There was a strong commitment to expository preaching. In fact that was the bulk of the conference -- preaching through the book of 2 Timothy. The main speakers did an outstanding job.
Scripture: In three days I heard more about inerrancy and the inspiration of the Bible, as well as the affirmation of its power to change lives than I have in many years among my own tribe.
Doctrine: While I am not a Reformed type (i.e. a Calvinist), I honestly did not hear anything taught with which I disagreed. All the messages I heard could have been preached at any CofC campmeeting with no problem.

I can't wait 'til Sunday. I'm fired up to break the Bread of Life to God's people at The Creek.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great week! I sometimes prefer the feeling of coming back from a conference over coming back from vacation. You're always fired up, ready to take on the world!

Badger said...

See, I've noticed the same thing: most of the good preaching and biblical teaching is coming from the Calvinists. Not only that, but they are doing a great job in church planting and evangelism. I would have loved to go to that conference to just hear God's Word faithfully preached. Compare that to an unnamed Christian convention in North America where all you hear is fluff from guys who for the most part are known less for their preaching and doctrine and more for the fact that they are preaching at a megachurch. Wish I could have been there with you, brother!

Kristie Rutzel said...

Thank you for your support of The Gospel Coalition webcast! All Conference sessions, Josh Harris workshop, and panel discussion are now available to watch at! Watch your favorite speakers sessions again and share the theological teaching and challenges with your friends using the "ShareThis" function to link directly to the video from your facebook, twitter, etc!