Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Good Thoughts Here

excerpts from a post I liked (from Stands to Reason):

Halloween Worries, Doctrine Apathy

I'm surprised each year by the amount of concern and attention given to whether Christians should participate in Halloween, especially when the same amount of concern and attention isn't given to issues at least of equal weight and what I think have more weight. Many Christians delve into the details of the history of Halloween in a sincere effort to try to make a good decision about what's pleasing to God; I just don't see the same time and attention given to studying the details of central Christian beliefs like the Trinity or justification…

I'm not talking about the decision Christians make about what to do about Halloween. That's a matter of conscience each has to make. I'm talking about the inordinate energy, attention, thought, and focus spent on what to do about Halloween and the polar opposite apathy about theology, doctrine, church history… What I'm talking about is the level of energy and attention given to it and the contrasting lack of it given to arguable more central issues of Christianity. Christians can be shocked that another Christian will go trick or treating, but not blink an eye of awareness or concern when another Christian distorts…doctrine.

I'm not sure what this inordinate worry over Halloween and apathy about doctrine says about contemporary Christians, but I think it says something - and it's not good. One friend's theory is the inordinate emphasis in modern Christianity on application and therapeutic teaching to the near exclusion of theology and Bible study (not just Bible reading). That sounds like a pretty good theory to me.

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