Sunday, July 31, 2005

Congratulations Ryno!

Ryne Sandberg was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. I have many fond memories of watching him play. He was Chicago's first beloved #23 (later Michael Jordan would bring fame to that number in a different sport).

The man quietly did his job every day.
Key stats: .285 career BA, 282 HR, 344 SB
Awards: NL MVP, '84, Gold Glove '83-'91, Silver Slugger '84-'85, '88-'92

His fielding percentage at second base is the highest for anyone who played more than 800 games at the position (.989). He did not make a throwing error in seven of his 16 big-league seasons -- is that incredible or what?

Way to go Ryno!

(By the way, it was a little scary today when I realized that this "old guy" is only six years older than me).

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dagwud said...


Like TBS for the Braves, WGN made made the Cubbies America's team. I watched often. This induction is good baseball news!