Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ed Youngisms

Brenton Balvin had some great quotes from from Ed Young of Fellowship Church.

I was first introduced to Ed at the Catalyst Conference a few years ago (not as in "literally, personally," but as in "hearing about him and listening to him").

Some of these are pretty good:
1. 'it not about my thingdom, but about his kingdom'
2. 'do I need that, or do I greed that'
3. 'the higher the predictability, the lower the connectivity'
4. 'when I bring God the best, the rest gets blessed'
5. 'we take the American Express to debt, we need to read the Masters Card, and then we get a Visa to financial freedom'
6. Offering is not about giving, it is about 'bringing it'
7. 'too many people are running around talking smack, but not doing jack'

I especially enjoyed #'s 3 & 7.

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