Thursday, October 27, 2005


Air Force football coach Eddie DeBerry was reprimanded for saying out saying out loud what every sports fan knows: You need some blacks guys in the backfield if you want to win. The story is here. Another case of political correctness run amuck. A few nights ago, I watched the updated version of The Longest Yard. Chris Rock told Adam Sandler that there was no way that the team would win without some brothers. The line was humorous because it's true. For whatever reason, God seems to have gifted African Americans with the ability to run faster. Have you ever watched the Track & Field competition at the Olympics? Not many white boys in the sprints. It's not racism, it's fact. Ironically, across the page from this story, our local paper listed the NFL Fantasy Football Running Back ratings. Guess what? All of them are black! What a surprise!

Air Force's Athletic Director Hans Mueh, in an attempt to cover his butt and kiss-up to the PC crowd, said, “Fisher’s already apologized for that statement. What we’re talking about is speed. There’s speed that cuts across black, white, gray, blue, whatever.” Yeah, right Hans. You're an idiot. And that's why you are the A.D. at AIR FORCE.

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k2 said...

i seem to remember a sports caster losing his job over saying something like this in my lifetime. why is so wrong to speak the truth?

the same thing happens when we try to speak about things happening in our society that are so contrary to what God wants of us. take the wnba basketall player from houston. she was wearing a cross while being interviewed about her lesbian lifestyle, and how she just had to share the news with the world. why is she still in the good graces of the world?

as pete said in "o brother where art thou", "that makes not sense!"