Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We watched Prefontaine last night. It had been in our Netflix que for a long time. This is a "must-see" film for any runner. Pre was a little before my time, but I have heard about him for years. The movie documents his life as a University of Oregon track star and Olympic runner. It also portrays legendary coach (and co-founder of Nike) Bill Bowerman. It showed him developing the Nike Waffle Trainer (which was one of my first running shoes). It also portrayed a couple of my early running heroes, Jeff Galloway and Frank Shorter. I have followed Galloway's training plans for many years, and I once ran in a race with Frank Shorter (and later got my picture taken with him).

I knew how the movie would end (he died in his prime in a car crash), but I underestimated the "verklemptness factor." When the hearse did the last lap around the UofO track and the crowd began to chant, "Pre! Pre! Pre! Pre!"....Gulp!


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Galen Rupp (Spelling?) from U of Oregon? They say he's the next Pre.

Chris Mc. said...

That was actually my comment up there.