Friday, December 16, 2005

Freezing Friday

Somehow we managed to avoid the 8 inches of snow that was predicted yesterday (can you think of any other job where you can get it wrong as much as the weathermen do, and still stay employed?). But the temps have dropped (low 20's today), so everything is icy now.

Trying to get all my stuff done early so I can help Mrs. Soren today. She's up to her eyeballs baking stuff for tomorrow's Kjergaard Open House. I won't be much help tomorrow morning because I'm speaking at our Men's Prayer Breakfast, then I have to go to the theater to schmooze and propagandize our Narnia guests. Oh, and my folks called and said they were coming over today. I tried the Clark Griswold line, "Honey, they're family. It's not like they're strangers off the street. It'll be fine." Somehow she thinks it's poor form to hand my Dad a dustcloth and show him where the vacuum is. So she's a little stressed. It's what happens when you decide to invite the ENTIRE CHURCH over.

Oh, and the kids are starting to spazz a little because it's the last day of school and the Countdown to Christmas has begun.

We haven't sent any Christmas cards yet. And our out-of-town gifts still need to be sent. And I have no idea what I'm getting her for Christmas (-- and I'm pretty sure that wrapping myself up in a bow isn't gonna do it this year...or any year, come to think of it).

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