Monday, December 12, 2005

Narnia Mania

The Narnia Movie opened this past weekend. My family is looking forward to seeing it sometime soon.

I just had a mental image of Harry Carey saying, "Narnia? You know Steve, Narnia spelled backwards is Ainran." Weird, huh?

I got this Top Ten list today from Mikey's Funnies. I hope you enjoy it.
By Dave Tippett
10. Narnia City Council votes to remove all images of Aslan, replace them with generic alley cat that represents all felines of world
9. Mega Aslan den draws animal followers from smaller dens with better praise and worship band
8. Metaphors go crazy as Aslan assigns kingdom duties to second in command, a talking rock
7. Sequel set up when, after the victory, Charismatic Aslans clash with Southern Narnia Council Aslans.
6. The movie's original title: "Jesus, Satan, and a Closet"
5. The White Witch wins battle after her ACLU lawyers get injunction against 'lion roaring' in public places
4. Long-haired "Lion King" cast ostracized from Narnia for singing and dancing...and the long hair thing
3. Endless winter in Narnia originally blamed on George Bush
2. Aslan bobbing head dolls wearing little "Pepsi" t-shirts seen in back window of Narnia's mayor's Ford Ranger
1. WWAD? bracelets being sold in town stores
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