Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Please Pass the Parsley

Last night I was flipping through the five television stations that we receive and I stumbled upon Rod Parsley. He was preaching and sweating and shouting and dancing and acting like a total nutburger -- and the crowd was eating it up!

I remember when Rod's star first started to rise. He was a young preacher who was frequently featured on Lester Sumrall's programs. I think we are about the same age, so I enjoyed watching this new young preacher (even though he wouldn't recognize the gospel if it bit him on the butt). At first, he was relatively tame, but as his church and fame grew, he became wackier and nuttier.

A quick Google search will reveal that he has at least as many detractors as fans: check here and here for examples.

Sometimes I wonder about my nonChristian friends and family members. If they catch a bit of Rod's act, do they think that's what happens at Cedar Creek? Do they think that most Christians are like the mind-numbed puppets at World Harvest Church. I sure hope not.

It just occurred to me that Rod Parsley is like the Anti Joel Osteen. Joel never talks about sin and judgment and the wrath of God, while those topics are Rod's bread & butter. If there is ever a Christian Celebrity Wrestling Smackdown betweeen those two, my money would be on the Ohio Bible College dropout. I think he would snap Botox Boy like a twig.


David H. Willis said...

He is my favorite of the televison phonies. "Jubilee!!!"

JD said...

Great post! Thanks for the laugh.

Frank Weller said...

My favorite Rod Parsley line is from a sermon he had on gluttony: "For God's sake, man, put down the fork!!"