Monday, February 12, 2007

Snow is Coming!

Weatherman says that we are going to get hammered overnight. I've heard that snowfall amounts will be anywhere from 4 to 10 inches. It will be the first shovelable (is that a word?) snow of the season.


Keith Wood said...

Are you shoveled out yet? I was getting exhausted trying to shovel out my drive and had only made it halfway when a friend showed up with a snowblower unannounced. Boy was he a beautiful sight!

Soren said...

I think y'all got more snow than we did. Snowblowers rock. I wish I had one. My staff and I played the "Good Samaritan" role yesterday and shoveled out several widows' driveways. One of my guys has a snowblower. I'm coveting it.
I thought I had my own drive shoveled pretty well, but I got stuck trying to get out this morning. D'oh!

Keith Wood said...

Hey man I am going to be in Ft. Wayne next weekend speaking at the North Highlands Church in the am. Any chance we can connect in the afternoon or early evening?