Friday, April 13, 2007

A Foxworthy Moment

A week or so ago, I decided that I should get my lawn tractor serviced before mowing season started. I thought I could probably borrow a trailer from a friend. Then I thought, "By the time I call him and get things hooked up, loaded, etc., I could drive the mower there myself" (the dealer is only a mile from my house). It seemed like a good idea, until I got about halfway through town and saw my reflection in the window of the pizza place --tooling down main street on my mower, wearing blue jeans and a faded, ragged out, cut-off Christ's Church of the Peninsula t-shirt (yes, Dave I still have it). I thought, "I must look like a total redneck", hoping that some church member didn't drive by and see me. I had called my youth minister to meet me there and give me a ride home. When he saw me, the look on his face said it all. "If you ride your lawn mower down main street, you might be a redneck."

Have a great weekend everybody!

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David H. Willis said...

That's a great story and those shirts are classics.