Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Feeling Creative

Some of you read my rant about church names. I appreciated your comments (both on and offline). It got me thinking, what are some cool names that I could re-name the church I serve?

  • Cedarville Bible Fellowship in Christian Union

  • Mars Bar Christian Assembly of God

  • Whatsthepointe Chapel

  • Pragmatists R Us

  • Leo 2/38 Community of Faith

  • Church Up a Creeke

Sarcasm is just another free service we offer :-)


David H. Willis said...

I like these but somehow you must work "mosaic" into the title.

Soren said...

It's difficult to find a mosaic when all you have is a church full of middle-class white folk. Maybe "Uni-Velocity" or some such.

David H. Willis said...

How about "Monolithic"? or "Homogeneity"? either of those would certainly be cutting edge! Of course the abbreviations (mono & homo) aren't quite as hip!

Frank Weller said...

How about "Not-nearly-as-constipated-as-the-church- you-attend Church of Christ." It preserves the integrity of your roots while distancing you from our actually-going-to-Heaven cousins (you know the ones I mean).

Gman said...

You could be the First Mosaic Church of Christ in Fort wayne, IN community Journey Church.