Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Weekend

On Friday I will drive to my alma mater (Great Lakes Christian College) for a Trustees' Meeting. Then back to The Creek for a Teacher Appreciation Banquet. Saturday brings a birthday party for my son Luke (he will turn 12 next week).
Preaching from Ephesians 4 on Sunday. I'm tempted to go all Ray Bennett.
Have a great weekend everybody!


Keith Wood said...

Sounds like a full weekend. Hope things go well.

How is GLCC doing? I just don't hear much from the Great North. I did appreciate that lunch at the Northmen last year though! :)

David H. Willis said...

One Lord, one faith, on baptism, one true church...etc.

Frank Weller said...

That is such a coincidence - I saw Ray Bennett and he told me this Sunday he is tempted to go all Mike Kjergaard. That is too wierd!

Jim said...

I'd go with his "4 Salvo Spread" and really throw it down!