Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catalyst One Day

The Catalyst event at Granger was awesome. I was so thrilled to have most of my staff and several elders with me today. Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel are excellent communicators.We were challenged and convicted, and we left excited about ministry.
Some take-aways:

If you don't know what is causing your momentum, you are only one
stupid decision away from killing it.
I said, "God, do something in our church. And God, 'that's why you're there.' I mean, who built the ark?" (God worked through a person).
Do anything short of sin to connect people to Christ.

Mark Waltz put some great notes on his blog (scroll down past his anniversary post).


Crowm said...

Anything you guys plan to begin right away Mike?

In other words, what was the most beneficial?

Soren said...

Probably the thing that we will work through is the question of "What are our old couches?" (programs, systems, traditions -- that need to be discarded).