Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wintry Sunday

I had a rare Sunday off today. It's really weird to be on "vacation" but still at home. I enjoyed sleeping in and waking up to enjoy some coffee and the morning paper. We worshipped at Christ's Church at Georgetown today. I enjoyed hearing my friend Chris Steele preach.

I wonder if other preachers struggle with being able to concentrate on the service when they are visiting another church. While worshipping, I find myself thinking things like, "I wonder where I can get that cool PowerPoint background" or "How can we get our lights to do that?" or "A fiddle would sound great in our praise band" or "we need to copy this thing that they have in their bulletin." Anyone?


David H. Willis said...

I absolutley do that too. I look forward to being woth other churches and breaking out of the routine.

Kathy said...

Missed you all today. Teens and Kevin did a great job. We are so blessed to have such terrific kids!

Joe said...

I'm with you. Not only do I overanalyze their service, I find myself watching the time and thinking about what's going on (or not going on) at my church's service.

Deano said...

I'm there too brother.

I also have a hard time going to other churches when I'm off but "in town". I really like our services but then when I go I wind up "working the crowd" and am the last person to leave the building like any other weekend.

What's up with that?