Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Cheesiness

Jon over at Stuff Christians Like had a post about re-claiming 80's songs for Christ. It reminded me of some stuff we did at church camp. We re-worked some songs that were popular at the time (it seems so cheesy now, but back then we were amazed at our own awesomeness):

Born (Again) in the USA
Born again in the USA
(I was) Born again in the USA
When Jesus Christ washed my sins away
(I was) Born again in the USA

Karma Chameleon (I am not making this up)
Become a (come a come a come a) come a Christ-ian (in the Church of Christ or the Christian Church)
Your sins will be forgiven when you become a Christian
So come, let's go, c'mon let's go

WHAT were we thinking?

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Jim T. said...

We had a visiting team at our church on Sunday - I was ready to crawl under a rock when they changed the lyrics from New York, New York to "New Life, New Life". There was cheese everywhere - never saw it coming. I've got egg, er, cheese, on my face. And this was 2008, not 1983.

How does this happen? What are people thinking?