Monday, November 09, 2009

Ed Stetzer

I recently started following Ed Stetzer on Twitter. This guy has some amazing insights:

* We've jazzed up the music, spiced up the sermons, and spruced up the buildings but the wheat still isn't harvesting itself.
* In church life, the people that are rocking the boat are hardly ever the ones rowing it.
* We can't experience the power of the gospel if we don't adhere to the teachings of its King.
* One cannot value the Kingdom of God & devalue the church. The church is the sign & instrument of the Kingdom.
* If you can learn to order at Starbucks, then you can learn theological language at church.
* Many churches never experience a comeback because they want the community to change while they remain the same.

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David H. Willis said...

Wow! That's some good thinking.