Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tonja Rose

Tonight we're going to NW Ohio to hear an old friend sing. Ward and Tonja Rose, and their son Chuck spent a couple of days with us. We got to know them when we were living in Virginia. They moved to Nashville several years ago to pursue a career in singing and songwriting. Tonja is the real deal. Tonight's performance is at a church. It's a "songwriter's night." Kind of a coffee house type of thing. We're all looking forward to it.


David H. Willis said...

Tonja can definitely sing. I miss hearing her. I remember her belting out some tunes one New Years Eve at a local city event. She rekindled my interest in country music. I'll always remember that my late father really liked it when she sang in church. He was a fellow "Carolinian."

Anonymous said...

Will be coming up to your area to Wauseon the weekend of the 25th. Would love to get to see you if you are available. Give us a call 615-594-0847!