Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Concert Report

JT can still sing and play, but the dude is a GEEZER. He looks like a cross between a very old Dick Alexander and Homer Simpson's boss.

Concert was good, although we were literally at the back of the theatre in the top row (and the guy who got our tickets got them online 10 minutes after they went on sale -- I guess the place sold out in record time).

It was nice to see a legend, but after a while some of his songs start to sound alike (although he did a funky, bluesy version of Steamroller that was great). He is really funny though. His humor is very dry and understated.

His voice was great. And he did all the hits (except for Handyman and Your Smiling Face).


Danny said...

I love JT. If he is looking like this I wonder what Carley has to be looking like!

Soren said...

Carly looks like Steven Tyler after a botched sex-change operation. Yikes!